Joel Simon
HIPAA Compliant Fundraising: What You Need to Know, What You Need to Do
Live Webinar
Dec 08, 2020 - To: Dec 31, 2020
 60 Minutes


Institutions that fundraise and have access to HIPAA protected health information need to be aware of opportunities to hone fund raising strategies to maximize philanthropic revenue for your organization.

Similarly, health-related institutions that fundraise must make sure their fundraising practices minimize the compliance risks and satisfy mandates governing the use of patient/client information.

If you are a health care professional who is affiliated with a fund raising institution, you will learn how you can remain both ethically and legally compliant with patient privacy, which assisting both your affiliated institution and your patient/client.

Institutions will learn about compliance requirements for donor database management.  You will also learn effective and efficient strategies to maintain compliance.

You will learn how to keep your fundraising communication and related policies compliant without impairing operational effectiveness.

If your organization uses telephone or e-mail solicitations, you will learn how new specific provisions of HIPAA now govern your fundraising activity, and effective policies to implement these rules.


Areas Covered:-


  • HIPAA impacts fundraising for any organization providing health-related services to its clients  
  • What protocols should be in place to maximize philanthropic opportunities under HIPAA?
  • What compliance measures need to be in place and assessed to properly use protected health information for fundraising.


Who Will Benefit?


  • CDO and other development staff
  • CIO and IT compliance staff
  • General Counsel and general compliance staff
  • Physician leaders (CMO, department chiefs, division heads)
  • CNO and other clinical leaders 
  • Administrative department heads
  • Hospitals, behavioral health organizations, substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation organizations, and other not-for-profit health care providers.
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