Mark R. Brengelman
Remote Telepractice and Mental Health Care: HIPAA Do's and Don’ts with an Emphasis on State Licensure Law
Live Webinar
Nov 24, 2020 - To: Dec 31, 2020
 60 Minutes


Ten years’ worth of change in remote medicine has occurred in a matter of weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote telepractice and mental health care have advanced in such a short time what had before taken many years. 

Both patients and practitioners are equally motived not to have face-to-face contact for therapy sessions.  This advanced webinar governs current HIPAA and relaxed privacy standards as applied to telepractice when “work from home” becomes “practice from home” for mental health treatment. 

Even so, state confidentiality and telepractice laws continue in full force and effect.  Samples of state licensure laws and telepractice rules are reviewed as well as national guidelines in mental health telepractice for compliance.  Finally, you will learn basic tips and techniques to defend your telepractice from privacy breaches and liability.


Areas Covered in the Session:-


  • Basics of HIPAA privacy as applied to telepractice of mental health
  • When work from home becomes practice and treatment from home
  • The current state of relaxed HIPAA enforcement for non-secure electronic patient communication
  • Samples of state licensure laws and the telepractice of mental health
  • National guidelines in mental health telepractice for compliance
  • Basic tips and techniques to defend your telepractice from privacy breaches and liability




The background to this webinar is for any mental health care practitioner who is providing professional services via televideo, telehealth, and telepractice.  Training in mental health laws where the electronic practice is now widespread still requires compliance with HIPAA and state mental health laws. Erase the fear, confusion, and doubt about to comply with HIPAA and state laws in providing remote telehealth.


Why Should You Attend?


This new webinar identifies and applies current rules of confidentiality in HIPAA confidentiality mental health care practitioners are providing therapy and other professional services remotely.  Erase the fear, uncertainty, and doubt that occurs when health care practitioners move to televideo practice in a mental health context.  Understand current HIPAA exceptions and relaxed enforcement in contrast to state licensure laws as applied to remote practice.


Who Will Benefit?


  • Health care law attorneys
  • Licensed health care practitioners in private practice in mental health
  • Medical directors of mental health facilities
  • Office managers and medical directors of private medical offices in mental health
  • Health care managers and executives in mental health
  • Corporate counsel in health care
  • Health care administrators
  • University faculty in health care and mental health
  • Allied health professionals in graduate-level medical education across the many health care professions
  • Corporate compliance officers
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